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Becoming Obliterated

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Imagine you filled a small fictional character, lets say a gnome, with a rainbow, shook him violently and he threw up bright spots all over your white couch… and your white table… and your white walls.

Well to start with, you have to imagine a completely white room. All of it.

Image by GoMA Photographer Mark Sherwood

This is a before shot of The Obliteration Room at The Gallery of Modern Art – a place where adults have more fun than children.

Upon entry to this fantasyland you are handed a sheet of rainbow stickers, and told to stick them WHEREVER you like. Standing in the room, you are one of thousands and thousands of collaborators, which have worked to make the every changing space what it is. Cool.

I was lucky enough to be in Southbank with most of my extended family, between myself, my young cousins, my parents and aunts/uncles it was definitely the adults getting more out of it.

The Obliteration Room is one of Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama’s works featured in her solo exhibition ‘Look See, Now Forever’ wwhich is featured at GoMA until March 11.

Peter sticking dots, Myself playing a spotty piano and Jorge has become one with the walls.

Perhaps an army of children yielding sheets of bright circular stickers is a more terrifying thought than a garden gnome exploding, then again you probably haven’t seen ‘Gnomeo and Juliet’.

Head along to see it, because The Obliteration Room is one of the many dotty-spaces created by Yayoi at GoMA.

Here’s a few more!


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